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Real-time monitoring


This guide explains how to enable the real-time monitoring with BPK SmartLib. The lib will listen to session events, players metrics events and nanoCDN events to report them in real-time to the Broadpeak monitoring solution (aka BkA200).

The monitoring can independently listen to events depending on the integration you have done:

  • Broadpeak CDN integration: session data (number of active sessions, current edge nodes used...)
  • Analytics integration or Analytics only integration: player metrics data (current layer used, number of paused sessions...)
  • nanoCDN integration: real-time data related to the current multicast stream (current bitrate, multicast active status...)

It is not required to follow all integration guides to use the real-time monitoring feature.


Activate the real-time monitoring

In order to activate the real-time monitoring, you will need to init the component with the BkA200 URL (including http or https).

The init method has to be called right after the BPK SmartLib initialization.

* Initialize the real-time monitoring
* @param monitoringAddress BkA200 address